Welcome to the unofficial home for Debian FreeVSD packages.

For alpha packages, look here.

Please visit the sourceforge project page and submit Feature Requests, Patches, Bug Reports, or a Support Request for help! (Email will be taken care of last).

Due to a lack of interest, I am not currently working on FreeVSD. I am, however, experimenting with UML, and I may release a "new" version of FreeVSD for Debian (or its own "mini-os'). My goals include 1) security updates from a major Linux distributor (so anyone using it can use either ANY popular linux distribution, or one specific one that is supported with security patches) and 2) the ability to manage the virtual machines through a small daemon. Right now SSH is nice and secure, but I need to work a little more with it, or link something against the gnutls libraries, or the gnupg/gpgme libraries.

Savannah.gnu.org has a branch of the FreeVSD project called OpenVSD that seems inactive, however. THe link is included for completeness.

Please submit a support request if you have any suggestions, features, etc you'd like to see, or something you need to know how to do with virtual hosting, and LInux.

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